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Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control
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Cascada Thermostatic Hands free Sensor Faucet Temperature Control

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Specifications: Height: 7" Width: 4" Length: 1.96875" Weight: 5.3" Flow Rate: 0.5gpm Sensor Mixer, Automatic Mixer, Thermostatic Mixer Feature: All-in-One Parts in one perfect product; Ceramic Cartridge; Built-in check valve; Sensor controlling; Thermostatic faucet (mixer) with advanced infrared sensor technology: Sensor-operated taps increase hygiene in public and patient restrooms. Surprisingly, the dirtiest area in the bathroom, as far as germs are concerned, are the handles to the tap that collect most of the germs on them. Thermostatic technology: it controls the temperature fluctuations at the outlet, preventing scalding. Mixing the water at the desired temperature at the point of use allows storing the water enough cold and hot to prevent scalding. 1. Installation is a child's game, almost like a manual faucet 2. Easy servicing 3. Version with mixer to adjust the temperature also available 4. 6V battery or electrical connection version available 5. Solenoid valve inside product 6. Operates with low and high pressures (0.5 to 7 bar) 7. Range adjustment 8. 2 products in 1: thermostatic mixing valve and it is operated by an infrared sensor.

🚿【Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucet】: Cascada Sensor faucet prevents cross infection after washing your hands and No need to touch any Valve or handle to turn it off after washing your hands. It is touchless sensor faucet.
🚿【Temperature Control Hot & Cold Mixing Valve】: You can regulate the water temperature on the temperature mixing valve according to your needs. (The mixing valve is fixed with sensor faucet).
🚿【Minimize Waste of Water】: Touchless faucet supplies water as soon as when your hands are within the sensing range, and stops when your hands move away from the sensing range, Self-adjustable automatically sensing distance.
🚿【Material】: It is Constructed from premium stainless steel, a multi-layer chrome finish, a smooth feeling, fabulous looking, durable, and solid structure.
🚿【Easy Installation】: Comes with all necessary equipment for installation. Includes Installation instruction (1 Copy) and Faucet and assembly kit. All the parts for installation are included. No need to buy extra parts. Please contact us, we will do our best to guide you.
✅ Infrared sensor operated, touch-free operation.
✅ Advanced energy-saving design for long-lasting battery life.
✅ Waterproof sensor components.
✅ Weak Battery LED light indicator.
✅ Self-adjustable automatically sensing distance.
✅ Easy replacement battery & maintenance: All parts built-in faucet body.
✅ Advanced circuit design saves electricity Suitable.
✅ Battery: 4 x 'AAA' size cells.


✅ Operational water pressure range: 7 - 110 psi
✅ Water supply pipe size: DN15 (G1/2”)
✅ Ambient temperature range: 32°F - 130°F Fahrenheit
✅ Sensing distance: 2" - 10" inches ​(Self-adjustable)
✅ Time delay: 0.5 seconds
✅ Operation duration: power will automatically cut off after continuous use for 60 seconds
✅ Pop-up drain: Optional
✅ Color: Chrome
✅ Mixer: for cold & hot water mixing by knob

    Product Information:

    • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)CSHD5137DCB22
    • Package Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 5 inches
    • Item Weight: 4.69 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 4.69 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Cascada Showers
    • ASIN: B00BOCN4B0
    • Item model number: HDD432
    • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries are required.

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    Mohan Mohan

    The All-in-one Thermostatic Touch-Free Sensor Faucet, Chrome Plated, has truly elevated my bathroom experience. Its automatic temperature control is impressive and ensures optimal comfort every time. The touch-free feature is fantastic for hygiene and offers unrivaled convenience. While the sensor took some getting used to, it's now a seamless part of my routine. This faucet has managed to successfully merge style, function, and innovation!

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